Beauty Is All in the Mind

July 12, 2018 Off By Tyrone Miles

What is your definition of beauty in the past and now that you have grown older? Are these definitions the same? Is how you see beauty through the years connected to how healthy your mind is?

Even until now that you ask people around you how they define beauty, most of them will always associate beauty with the physical attributes of a person. This is basically considered as defining beauty on a more artificial level. For some people, though, they consider beauty as an inner conflict among most people, and most especially among women since it is often always linked with how they look on the outside. There are some people who put some emphasis on how both women and girls struggle with the whole idea of beauty and what the society often considers to be beautiful. In some way, in certain areas of the lives of people, the whole concept of beauty is changing a little. But then, for the most part, most people still define beauty based on the images that the media depicts to be idea. Optimistically, these images about beauty might change little by little in the long run.

Now, there are some people who consider beauty as being more than skin deep. For them, beauty is more than just the outer appearance of the person and is more of the characteristic, personality, or quality of the person. Beauty is basically the essence of something. It brings out a natural inner sparkle on the person. That being said, all people basically possess this kind of beauty. And this basically implies that beauty is not just seen in the face but also seen inside the heart.

The whole concept of beauty should be considered on a more bigger scale. If possible, it should be bigger than most scales that apply to every aspect of one’s life. If you think that you are not in the place where you want to be as a person, it does not immediately mean that your life will remain the same and will be devoid of fun and beauty. If you consider the beauty of life on a much bigger scale, you will soon realize that you really need not do anything to make your life or even yourself beautiful. It really is all about changing your perspective of beauty. All you got to do is open your eyes to a new perspective and learn to appreciate things for what they are. Beauty is basically all about seeing things on a different perspective. And that alone is your mind power at work at its maximum capacity.


There are actually a lot of opportunities and miracles that surround you; however, you just do not seem to recognize them because of their being subtle. Some of these things include every breath, condition, circumstance, and movement that you make that all contribute to creating a whole lot of possibilities for you to be alive right now. Even reading this article is a beautiful experience in itself. Oftentimes, you get caught up with all the things that you must do and the chaos surrounding you when in fact they are never important. Coming to terms that beauty exists in every moment is actually very much possible. It really all boils down to seeing things more differently. This creates a shift in your mind and that is why beauty is all in the mind.