Choosing the Yoga Style That Suits You Best

July 13, 2018 Off By Tyrone Miles


Yoga has become popular in the world of fitness where its origins started in India about 5,000 years ago. To ensure that their bodies and minds were prepared for meditation, the ancient Indians followed this practice. Since yoga has been proven to help the mind and body of the person, this practice of positively affecting the whole being of the person has been recognized across the world until this day. Thus, if you think that it its high time that you shift from your heavy-duty gym sessions to something much lighter yet effective, then you have to try doing some yoga. Just like exercise, yoga also comes with different styles. Each yoga style has their respective purposes, and this short article will guide you through the most common yoga styles being taught today and what their purposes are.

1. Hatha yoga
For yoga first timers, this is one style of yoga that you must begin doing. Compared with the other more complex yoga styles, Hatha yoga requires lesser posture and strength requirements. The word ‘Hatha’ means force or effort. This yoga style is slow and is more relaxing. For each pose that you do, every detail will also be focused. This, in turn, aids yoga beginners to work on their focus and accuracy skills much better.

2. Iyengar yoga
This yoga style was pioneered by B.K.S Iyengar. Again, this style of yoga is a great start for yoga first timers and people who seek to heal any mental or physical injuries that they have. For proper positioning, different props such as belts and blocks as well as postures are used.

3. Bikram yoga
For people who need to work more on their mental and physical strength or enhance their strengths and keep their weaknesses at bay, then this should be the yoga style to be mastered. But it is not recommended that you immediately proceed to this style of yoga. You must still work your way up from the beginner yoga styles, and once your mind and body are prepared, then you can proceed with this style. Bikram yoga must be done in a room with high temperature. Such heat helps in controlling the body as well as in releasing the toxins through the skin. No beginner can withstand doing yoga in a room with 104°F of temperature. And if heat is not something you are comfortable with, there are still other yoga styles that will suit you.

4. Vinyasa yoga
If you want to increase your stamina and body strength, then this style of yoga must be something that you do. Compared with Bikram yoga, you need not be placed in a room with high temperature. Nonetheless, there will be certain poses that you have to hold using continuous heavy breathing. The link between your breaths and poses is what drives the cycle. Now, this yoga boosts a great level of your energy with its application of quick movements.

5. Svaroopa yoga
For people who are healing from surgery, this style of yoga works best for them. In the present, it is even claimed to be an alternative to physical therapy all because it is comprised of different poses on a chair. Furthermore, this yoga style is great for people who are suffering from joint problems.