Deciding If Intermittent Fasting Is for You

July 13, 2018 Off By Tyrone Miles

Intermittent fasting has become a diet fad that has been trending in the past couple of years. A lot of celebrities and influencers have all claimed how they have achieved weight loss through this. If you are deciding if intermittent fasting is for you, then this article will shed some light on its basics as well as give you some tips to figuring out if this method is right for you.

So, what is intermittent fasting?
For some people, they have this idea that intermittent fasting is a diet plan yet it turns out that it is not. It is basically a simple eating pattern. As the name implies, this pattern of eating comprises cycles of eating and not eating. Simply put, you just eat within a certain time frame.

Why is it becoming a trend, then?
A lot of people follow this eating pattern with the goal of losing weight. Well, the theory behind intermittent fasting is that you will be consuming less calories if you have specified eating times rather than if you will just be eating your meals like you normally do. Thus, you never change what you eat with intermittent fasting but only change when you eat. That being said, with its not requiring people to change a great deal about their behavior, most people find this much simpler and easier to follow. This is reason alone why this method has become more popular among people as people always want to easy way out of things.

When should you fast and feast?
Though there are different kinds of intermittent fasting, the most popular pattern is the 16-8 protocol. Essentially, you have to fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours in one day. Again, time periods differ from one person to another, yet most people prefer to take their meals between 12 pm and 8 pm and do total fasting between 8 pm and 12 pm. It really all depends on you. The key to making intermittent fasting work is to make sure to follow a time period that fits well with your schedule, lifestyle, and commitments.

Is intermittent fasting right for you?
1. If you consider losing excess fats in your body, then intermittent fasting should be considered by you. Since you will be eating at limited time periods, most likely, you will have deficient caloric intake that would lead to you losing more fats in your body.
2. Only little planning is involved. No need for you to prepare your meals or measure your food.
3. It is way easier than going on a diet. You are never going to add some new food to your diet that you may not like. You are basically just changing your eating pattern.

If you think that intermittent fasting is indeed for you, check the variations to it and find one that best suits your needs and preferences. Just like all things related to fitness, again, your choice must be that by which you can maintain consistency and in the long run.

Before making a final decision, here is another crucial consideration to keep in mind. When you are used to eating every hour or two, you will have cravings with intermittent fasting, but in the short-term. However, if you are still hungry constantly, then this strategy might not work well for you.