Effective Natural Hair Loss Remedies Worth Trying

July 10, 2018 Off By Tyrone Miles

There are different people from across the world who suffer from hair loss. For these people, there are a number of reasons why they suffer from such hair condition. The general medical term used for all types of hair loss is alopecia. The most common type of hair loss that is caused by genetics is male or female pattern baldness that is also referred to as androgenic alopecia. Aside from genes, there are also medical and environmental factors that lead to hair loss.

With the increasing number of people suffering from hair loss, there are also a number of hair loss remedies and treatment options that these people can choose from. However, before deciding to use or have them, you must always seek the medical advice of a professional dermatologist. Basically, hair loss can be a symptom of a wide array of disease conditions. That being said, finding out if your hair loss symptom is caused by a particular medical condition is a must so that you can better identify what route you must take regarding your condition. Oftentimes, if your hair loss is caused by a particular medical condition, this medical condition that you have must be catered to first, and treatment of hair loss only comes secondary. So, in a nutshell, the road to finding the most effective hair loss remedy all boils down to finding out what is the cause of your hair loss condition.

After you have figured out the cause of your hair loss condition, you then proceed in determining what remedies you should go for. You will basically find out that there are different hair loss remedies that you can choose from. There are the cosmetic and medical variants and there is the natural variant. The professional dermatologist that you have sought after for your hair loss problem might assist in you being able to find the most effective hair loss solution. For the past couple of years, medical treatment of hair loss has been proven effective for some cases. This kind of treatment is one where the cause of the hair loss is identified and only then will a drug be concocted to stop the hair loss from even happening in the first place.

However, these medical hair loss remedies are not applicable to all cases, and its success will again have to depend on what has caused the hair loss of the person. This is where natural hair loss remedies have come into the picture. The presumption of natural hair loss remedies is that hair loss is a natural occurrence and, in some cases, can be effectively decreased using natural hair loss remedies. What follows are a list of some effective natural herbal remedies for hair loss.


1. Henna: Used to condition and maintain healthy hair for decrease chances of hair loss.
2. Aloe Vera: Helps prevent hair loss by keeping hair healthy. When combined with coconut milk and wheat germ oil, Aloe Vera can be turned into a shampoo that effectively heals and cleanses the scalp.
3. Jojoba oil: Another herbal hair loss remedy that help take are of various skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema and in treating dandruff.
4. Lavender and bay essentials oils: Used by aromatherapists to massage the scalp and help stimulate the growth of hair.
5. Horsetail: Stimulates hair follicles and put an end to pattern baldness by making weak hair stronger while promoting hair growth.