Effective Ways to Improve Your Immune System

May 18, 2018 Off By Tyrone Miles

Your immune system is one of your body’s lines of defense that protect you from harmful pathogens such as parasitic worms, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This system comes with various mechanisms that enable it to recognize foreign organisms, tissues, and cells and then fight them. This system is considered as your intelligent private army and network that will not just alert your body of any harmful organisms that come your way but also find the best and the most effective ways for your system to destroy them.

There are basically two kinds of immunity. You have the inborn or innate kind of immunity and you also have the acquired kind of immunity. All living creatures are born with innate or autoimmune systems. Bu then, since not all people are born the same, you can always expect some people to have stronger immune systems upon birth while some people still need to develop them. The kind of immune system that needs to be developed is that which you call adaptive or acquired immunity. For acquired immunity, there are some effective ways for you to improve on this particular kind of immunity. They are enumerated as follows and you have to follow each and every one of them if you need to reinforce and strengthen your immune system.

1. Good diet
The food that you eat contains certain nutrients that affect the overall function of your body. Effectively boosting your immune system involves eating a well-balanced diet that is comprised of healthy food options. Incorporating certain foods as part your daily diet can actually help strengthen your immune system in more ways than one. Some of the most common immunity boosters include citrus fruits such as lemons, grapefruits, tangerines, and oranges; kiwi; papaya; and berries such as raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries.

There are also particular vegetables that help in boosting your immune system including onions, spinach, red bell peppers, carrots, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. Furthermore, spices that you can easily find in your kitchen such as ginger, garlic, and turmeric can also improve your weak immune systems. In addition, mushrooms, flaxseeds, almonds, and yogurt also help in enhancing your immune system.

2. Good sleep
Getting enough sleep and rest is not just good for your body and mind but also it helps in boosting your immune system. You know for a fact that anxiety, stress, and fatigue all contribute negatively to your health. If you experience excessive fatigue and stress, you will be suffering from imbalances in your hormones that will have some effect on your body’s immune defenses leading you to be more susceptible to certain diseases.

Stress will also cause you to be losing crucial hours of sleep that will again have some negative impact on your immune system. Thus, try worrying less so that you can get more hours of sleep. And do not forget to get at least 8 hours of sleep in a day.

3. Reduce stress
Being physically active and getting enough time to do some exercises are effective ways for you to be relieved from stress. They are effective ways as well for you have an improved immune system. Exerting yourself physically decreases your stress levels thereby improving your immune system. Aside from keeping yourself physically active, you can also reduce your stress levels by meditating. Besides maintaining your mental health, this action helps in increasing the resistance of your body against viral illnesses, bacteria, and infections.