How Can Your Skin Benefit From Avocados?

July 6, 2018 Off By Tyrone Miles

A number of skin-conscious people are going natural (or for some, organic) when it comes to the care and maintenance of their skin. If what you are after in skin care products is achieving that natural glow and look of youthfulness, then you must take advantage of avocados. The natural oils that come from avocados are rich in lecithin, anti-oxidants, and emulsifiers. All of these contents help in keeping your skin looking young. Aside from the many health benefits that avocados bring, they are often termed as sunshine vitamins with their vitamin D content. Since avocados are rich in anti-oxidants, they help in effectively protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. This fruit is definitely a gem when it comes to the care and maintenance of your skin the natural way. What follows are some of the benefits of avocado in terms of your skin and what methods you can do to use them wisely for the benefit of your skin.

1. Prevents and treats acne: Having acne and pimples all over your face is a nightmare. For these situations, you can mash some avocados and apply them on your skin. Oils in avocados contain linoleic acid. One of the root causes of acne is having absence of linoleic acid in the sebaceous glands. Before taking a bath, it is recommended that you take the oils in the avocados and massage them on your face daily. Not only will acne and pimples be prevented by the existing ones will also be treated.

2. Moisturizes the skin: Avocado is rich in healthy fats that help in adding some moisture to your skin. Coconut oil in itself is already considered an effective moisturizer with its 5-10% oleic acid content. What more with avocados that contain 63% of oleic acid. By consuming avocados daily, your sebaceous glands can keep your skin hydrated and your muscles and joints more lubricated with the semifluid sebum they contain. After scooping the fruit of the avocado, you can actually scrape off the fleshy side of the fruit peel. You then rub it on your skin and feel refreshed after.

You can also make a face mask out of avocados by mashing the ripe fruit and adding some egg white and a drop of lemon juice to it then mixing all of them up. Once the mask dries, use a gentle cleanser to rinse them off of your face. For sure, you do not want to have your face smelling like eggs but the after effects are just divine.


Another face mask alternative is mixing together the ripe avocado pulp with 1 tablespoon of yogurt, 1 tablespoon of honey, and 3 to 4 drops of olive oil. Besides cleansing your face thoroughly, this mask also helps in adding more moisture to your face.

3. Protects your skin from the sun: Despite the damaging effects of the sun on your skin, you cannot avoid exposing yourself under its harsh rays. Fortunately, polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols found in avocadoes can reduce cellular damage and skin inflammation caused by the sun’s radiation. To enhance skin DNA repair, you can use the ripe avocado pulp as face pack. Avocados have been proven to protect the skin cells from skin malignancies brought about by the sun’s UV rays. They also contain vitamins C and E that fight the altering affects of the UV rays on your skin and DNA.