How To Choose Lipstick That Match With Skin Color

How To Choose Lipstick That Match With Skin Color

April 21, 2018 Off By Tyrone Miles

Lipstick color is no less important to support the appearance and your makeup style. With the selection of matching, colors and match will make your makeup more beautiful, sweet and fresh. In addition, the selection of suitable lipstick color can also make you appear more natural and natural alias is not excessive. To get a natural and natural look of course you have to adjust the color of this lipstick with your skin color. As we all know, skin color will vary from one person to another. Some have white and some have dark skin tones. Visit our website to get another Healthy & Beauty tips.



Of course, by looking at it, you can not carelessly choose the color of lipstick. Because if you mistakenly choose the lipstick color you will use, your makeup will be messy and not what you expect. Therefore, let’s find out what are the tips and how to choose the color of lipstick that matches the skin tone for your makeup to looks natural.

– Choose the Right Color With Lip Color
If the color of your lips tends to pale then you can choose a color that is more towards beige or pink color can fit on your lips. As for the middle-colored lips, you can choose a more color towards the color of roses or brown color. If you have dark lip color, you can choose a dark color resembling the color of the raisins. And if you have a purplish brown lip color and dark brown color you can choose the color blackberry or brown color.

– Choose Color Lipstick That Matches With Skin Color
Before deciding to buy and use lipstick, you must first know what your skin color is so you can quickly decide which lipstick you want to buy. In addition, if the color of lipstick that you use does not match the skin color then your makeup can look excessive or can also look pale. So from that immediately recognize your skin color so you do not choose the wrong lipstick.

– White Skin Light
For people with bright white skin may feel benefited because they can easily choose the lipstick they want. White skin will be very suitable if using soft colors such as pink, peach, berry colors, wine, beige, plum, red will go and fit on the bright white skin.

– Dark or Black Skin
For you who have dark or black skin, don’t worry because you can choose some lipstick colors that will make your makeup even brighter. You can choose a color that has shades of brown so that your makeup look natural and not excessive. Choose the color of coffee chocolate, red wine, purple, caramel, plum.

When you decide to buy a lipstick it would be wise if you try it first. You can try it using a cotton bud and smeared on the fingertips to see the colors produced from the lipstick.