Some Effective Remedies and Treatment Options for Piles

July 13, 2018 Off By Tyrone Miles

Just like other health conditions, if you suffer from any ailment, it is always best to try the first line of treatment and not immediately jump into the surgical treatment options. This same approach should be something you keep in mind when you suffer from piles. Before having any laser surgery done on your piles, you might want to consider incorporating a high-fiber diet and applying cold packs and sitting in warm baths. Also, there are over the counter products that you can obtain as prescribed by your doctor to help with your condition.

When it comes to this particular ailment, the best remedy is to follow a high-fiber diet and avoid consuming foods that are processed. To effectively reduce occurrences of constipation, make sure to consume in large amounts some whole grains, vegetables, and fruits in your diet. You might want to consider taking a fiber supplement as recommended by your doctor. Always drink lots of water. Your water intake must be comprised of a minimum of eight glasses per day. Warm sit-in baths can reduce the swelling of the affected area as well as help sooth the pain and itching that you might feel. You might also consider using petroleum jelly and pushing a bit of it into your anus. For reduction of swelling, you can also use a cold pack on the sore area. Furthermore, your doctor may recommend that you apply some creams and ointments that you can purchase over the counter to help with your hemorrhoids symptoms.

Only when the abovementioned first line of treatment options does not work should you consider looking at your surgical treatment options to shrink or remove your hemorrhoids. There are a number of surgical treatment options that you can choose from for piles treatment. The conventional surgery, laser hemorrhoid surgery, rubber band ligation, and injection are just some of them. Out of these many surgical treatment options, the most effective is the laser surgery option for piles. The other name for this procedure is infrared coagulation because of its being minimally invasive in the treatment of piles and the number of benefits the patient can get from it.

Here are the benefits of opting for laser hemorrhoid surgery:
• Patient suffers from minimal pain.
• No hospitalization is needed; the procedure and discharge are done on the same day.
• It is safer in comparison to the conventional surgery in removing piles.
• Guaranteed minimal bleeding sine the laser takes charge in sealing the anal blood vessels.
• Most common medical complications are better avoided.
• You have several options of effectively using the laser beam.
• With these many options, the success of your surgery is highly likely.
• Wound healing is faster.
• Doctor’s task is made much easier.


For laser hemorrhoid surgery, general anesthesia is not needed. This means that patients of this surgical procedure easily recover. The doctor or surgeon will assess if all of your symptoms indicate that you can have this procedure done. Even so, it is still up to you if you should push through with the medical procedure. But if you really want effectivity, then this procedure is your best option.