Some Speech Therapy Ideas You Can Try on Your Child Come the Summer Months

If your child still has troubles articulating, as a parent, it is your responsibility to let them get as much language and speech practice as they can. So that you can prevent any delays or regression in your child’s progress while they are out of school for the summer, you should plan some activities that you can do with them. What is great about speech therapy is the fact that it can be done at just about anywhere. This means that come this summer, you can do it with your child at your backyard or even during your summer vacation trips. You can actually incorporate skill-building techniques into fun activities so your child will enjoy them. In order for you to enhance your child’s abilities, here are some speech therapy ideas that come in games that you can play with your child.

1. Playing in the sand
The summer season is always associated with some sand be it from a sandbox found in your backyard or at the beach. Children often play with their sand toys during the summer season. If your child loves playing in the sand, you can take this chance and make this activity one that can help improve the language skills of your child. Let your child find some small toys that you have buried under the sand. Once they pull these toys out, let them say what object they are holding before you let them place them inside their sand buckets. If you are going to do this activity with your child at the beach, find a small area to do the activity and do not bury their toys too deep. If you do, your child might end up frustrated if they are unable to locate the buried toys.

2. Having road trip games
When you have plans of taking the entire family on a summer road trip, be sure to come up with some language games that you can play with the family and most especially your children on your way to your destination. You can try some word and letter sound games such as the ABC game or the license plate game. These games are not just fun but also very educational. Take, for example, you can have your child name objects that he or she sees that make a ‘k’ sound. You might consider letting all the family members join in on the fun so that the game becomes more challenging and competitive.

3. Using sidewalk chalk
Summer is once again the perfect time to be playing outdoors. There are actually a lot of children who enjoy using their white chalk to draw on driveways and sidewalks. Think of some games that you can do with the entire family using this chalk such as doing hopscotch with letters rather than with numbers. When your driveway is cool, you can also have your children lie on them and outline each other. You then proceed in letting your children name the accessories and clothing items that they have drawn and colored. You can even have your child just draw pictures of any object they have in mind and let them name the sound sand letters of each of them. The sky is the limit with your chalking ideas, actually.