Taking Care of Your Skin While Going on Beach Day Outs

July 9, 2018 Off By Tyrone Miles

The summer season is always associated with going to the beach and having fun under the sun with family and friends. This is the perfect time for people to finally wear their favorite short and skimpy clothes and expose their skin under the sun. You might even have a lot of summer weekend plans ahead of you be it on nearby beaches or beaches from the other part of the world. Your beach choices are endless as well as the many water and sand activities that you can choose from. However, when it comes to exposing yourself for longer periods under the heat of the sun, it becomes more of a must to not take for granted properly taking care of your skin. Beaches are always one of those locations where the heat of the sun reflects the most. To take good care of your skin and keep it healthy and smooth while going on beach day outs, here are some summer skin care advice you can keep in mind.

1. Always use sunscreen.
If you go on beach day outs, you obviously expose yourself under the heat of the sun for much longer durations. Now, the topmost sun protection measure is putting on some sunscreen on your skin before heading to the beach. Generously apply the right SPF match sunscreen on your skin and be sure to always reapply if you are constantly exposing yourself under the sun. Make sure to include applying some sunscreen on your hairline, toes, feet, and eyelids properly. If you love going for a swim, go with waterproof sunscreen products.

2. Do not forget your lips!
Out of all the parts of your body that get easily damaged by dangerous UVA and UVB rays, your lips are the most sensitive and most easily affected part of your skin. Thus, you have to be sure to keep it protected from the sun as well by putting on some lip balm with sun block content.

3. Keep your skin well moisturized.
If you are going on beach day outs, you must prepare a kit that covers all the summer skin care essentials that you need. From this kit, you should find items 1 and 2. In addition, you must also have a good skin moisturizer with you inside. Choose a brand that fits your particular skin type and one that contains more moisturizing ingredients than your usual moisturizers.


4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
Keeping yourself well hydrated is a must come the summer season. There is not one skin care product that can replenish all the harm the sun has done to your body than water. Drinking lots of water help in keeping your body well hydrated, your body temperature under control, and your skin well moisturized. Aside from water, you can also consume fruit juices and other refreshments of your choice.

5. Use effective sun-protective gear.
When you are going to bask under the heat of the sun on the beach be sure to do it under the protection of a good umbrella that will shield you better from direct sunlight. You can also use some sunglasses and hats of your choice that will not just protect you from the sun but also complete your beach outfit.