The Pros and Cons of Beauty

July 12, 2018 Off By Tyrone Miles

How do you define beauty? Of course, you have asked yourself this question a number of times in different periods of your life. However, no matter how you define beauty, you can be sure of one thing, and that is everybody wants to look and feel beautiful. If you look at the current standards of beauty, you will see that being deemed beautiful has its perks. Most people who are considered beautiful often get admired and praised by the people around them and even those that they meet for the first time. So, what are the pros and cons of beauty in various aspects of one’s life?

When it comes to beauty, it will really have to depend on the eyes of one person to another. Anyone can be beautiful as long as the person seeing them considers them as beautiful. You see some people who prefer brunettes while you see some people who prefer to date other people will tanned skin. There are even some that prefer tall people even if they are short themselves. Fundamentally, each person will have their own preferences. Even so, there are certainly some people who are considered to be beautiful by a great majority of people in terms of their body proportions and facial features. The people who belong to this particular category of standard beauty always get more attention compared to others throughout the day.

Women who are deemed beautiful are those who get a lot of attention that come in the form of receiving a lot of compliments and having all eyes on them. People will usually talk to them a lot, offer them gifts, offer them free drinks, ask for their numbers, invite them out, and so on. All of these things are a given in the everyday lives of these women. However, a lot of the attention that they get always reaches the point where they become annoyed by them already. People seem to always find something good in the things that attractive people say or do. While going on a job hunt, usually, the beauty of the applicant will have some factor on their chances of being hired. Obviously, beautiful women tend to always land a job that they want in no time.

It is pretty much convenient to be beautiful if it means that you can have more friends, more influence on others, and more jobs. When you are unattractive, however, you have to work your way up twice as much. Aside from working hard to get your dream job, people who are deemed unattractive find it difficult to also attract other people. Aside from studying harder, they have to do their job better as well. If a person feels unattractive to this particular kind of people, most likely, they will be attractive to another set of people. But if they live in a society where they are considered unattractive, the have to prove themselves in a number of ways just so they can compete with their so-called attractive counterparts.


Basically, when it comes to beauty, it really all depends on the person and their mindset. To some extent, you can say that you are beautiful as how you feel. Even so, no matter how beautiful you look and feel, it important that you never step on others, become too vain, and think that you are far superior than other people.