The Use of Self-Hypnosis to Teach Effectively

July 13, 2018 Off By Tyrone Miles

What makes great teachers different from good teachers?

Well for starters, a good teacher is knowledgeable about their topics, is capable of teaching them, and can work with different kinds of learners. On the other hand, a great teacher, has the power to change everything. Not only do they teach the topic but also as they go along, they have something in them that lets them transform the lives of their learners. They have the ability to mesmerize anyone they teach. You never lose interest or look away from them. There is just something about them that hooks your attention and continues holding it.

Great teaches basically care about you as their learner. Teaching is never just a job for them or something that lets them make some money. What drives them to teach is more than the material things. They basically have the drive to help their learners master their lessons. This makes them very flexible beings as well. When their learners seem to have a hard time understanding the topic, they make sure to invest their time on it. Once their learners get it, only then will they move on as well as the entire class.

They always go beyond the book and inject a bit of fun, humor, stories, joy, anger, laughter, and tension along the way. All their actions and words pull you along not just on an intellectual level but also on the entirely of your whole being. Of course, there is more to great teachers, but at least now, you get the idea.

Now, think of a tribe of people, the hunter gatherers of the past. One of the tribes decided to travel to trade some information and goods with other tribes. The hunter comes home bringing with her a tool used for war and hunting. A bow. At first, she had no idea how to us this bow but finally one of the hunters showed her how. The hunter was able to fire the arrow much farther than the best hunter that could throw a spear.

She then exchanged some information and goods on her own and as she goes back to their tribe, she practices. She now knows what principles must be applied to make her own bow. The weapon was a costly trade needing all of her animal skin but it was worth every hide.

As she goes home, her tribe was confused. They have no idea how to make of this bow and use it. When this tribe goes into war and hunts, they must get closer to their target and fight at just spitting distance. Why should they use this new weapon?

Now, the future of her tribe depends on how she can teach them to use it and why they should. If their rival tribes know how to use it, then they will fall short when looking for territory and food. So, she must teach them. She might consider just standing and telling the tribe the features and benefits of the bow. However, such an approach leads to extinction.

But then, she can also show them. She can talk to the tribe like she’s known them most her life, and sure she has. Use just the right mix of authority for convincing them to listen to you while making sure that you are still one of them. You see, its either she just informs the tribe about the bow or inspires them to use it.

You cannot merely be inspiring but if you know some self-hypnosis, then you can do so. If you have had some great teachers in the past, trust your mind so you can be just like. While on a trance state, think about what your great teachers have done in the past and the methods of doing them. Absorb their lessons through your mind and become an effective and great teacher on your own.