Understanding Better Narcissistic Abuse and Dealing With It

July 5, 2018 Off By Tyrone Miles

When a person feels hurt or frustrated, he or she often has the capacity to inflict abuse on other people or anything around them. You, yourself may even be guilty of controlling, withholding, judging, and criticizing other people. However, there is another form of abuse that takes everything to a whole new level, and you call it narcissistic abuse. Narcissistic abuse not just deals with the physical facet of abuse but the emotional, mental, financial, sexual, and spiritual facets of abuse as well. There are certain types of abuse that fall under the category of emotional abuse that can be too difficult to pinpoint with the likes of manipulation. This includes using intimidation and threats to exercise control as well as using emotional blackmail. The masters of manipulation and abuse are the narcissists. They can even go above and beyond ruining your life that you end up having second thoughts about your own perceptions in life.

It is important that you know that narcissistic personality disorder and abuse exist in a cycle where the narcissist can range from being silent to being violent. You rarely see narcissists who will take responsibility of their behavior. For the most part, they go as far as denying their actions to the point that they put the blame on their own victims. In particular, the so-called malignant narcissists do not have any guilt. They can even go beyond being sadistic and always find ways to find some pleasure in inflicting pain. They can be unprincipled and competitive that they always take part in anti-social behaviors. You should not interchange people suffering from narcissistic personality disorder with those suffering from anti-social personality disorder.

If you go into the bottom if narcissistic abuse, you will learn that its objective is power. Their actions are targeted at diminishing the value of other people to the point of hurting them. What you should remember about this particular kind of abuse is that it is made to dominate you. Their ultimate goal is to exercise some authority and control on you while at the same time making sure that you become ashamed of and doubt yourself and depend on them. These people strive to feel superior so that they can better hide their inferiority. Just understanding all of these facts can be proven empowering on your part. Just like bullies, no matter how much rage, self-inflation, and arrogance they show off, they still suffer from shame at the end of the day. Their biggest fear is still appearing humiliated and weak. By having some knowledge about all of these things, you must never take their actions and words personally. Confronting the issue of narcissistic abuse is the best way to deal with this matter.


When you allow this narcissistic abuse to come to your life, you are also allowing your self-esteem to be damaged. It is a must that you confront it. Confronting it, however, does not mean that you have to argue or fight. It basically means that you just have to stand your ground and then speak up for yourself in a calm and clear manner. Always have boundaries to protect your emotions, body, and mind.