Which Is Fact, Which Is Fiction With the Beauty Advice and Tips Most Teenagers Swear By?

July 10, 2018 Off By Tyrone Miles

For most teenagers, the beauty advice and tips that they get have been passed on from generations to generations of relatives and friends. It becomes difficult to determine which ones are fact and which ones are pure fiction. Most of the time, the mothers are the ones who teach their teenage daughters what beauty secrets they must live by as per their experience. However, most of them are never based on real facts or pieces of evidence. And the worse part, these beauty tips could do more harm than good to the teenager no matter how well-meaning the mothers might be. This short article will list down some of the most common beauty tips and advice that have been tested by time and whether they are really based on facts or are purely fiction.

1. Fact or fiction: Brushing your hair a hundred times daily keeps it healthy
Have you ever been advised by someone older than you that you have to brush your hair at least one hundred times in one day? This beauty tip was widely accepted from across the globe and is considered fact until just recently. In the past years, healthy and shinier hair was achieved and easily associated with excessive brushing all because the natural oils in the scalp are stimulated. However, recent studies have shown that excessive brushing can cause your scalp to become oilier and now may end up blocking your hair pores thus preventing your hair from growing. In addition, the action of just brushing your hair has been shown to weaken your hair follicles and thus make your hair easily break. Thus, stop the habit of brushing your hair a hundred times daily to prevent getting damaged hair.

2. Fact or fiction: Sitting too much is the primary cause of getting varicose veins
Have you seen some people who have dark blue veins running down from their legs and feet like spider webs? If you have, you call these veins varicose veins. When it comes to varicose veins, the most commonly shared beauty tip among teenagers is to not sit too much. This is fact, fortunately. The main cause of varicose veins is poor blood circulation that typically takes place among people who sit for longer periods of time. Besides just sitting down for extended periods, people who are standing at a certain spot in a long time can also get these veins. So that you can better avoid getting varicose veins, it is highly advised that you keep your body moving and stretching to promote proper blood circulation, most especially in your feet and leg areas. If you are in situations that require you to stand and sit for longer periods, try getting up and walk around or just move from one place to another to ensure proper blood flow.


3. Fact or fiction: Trimming your hair makes it grow much faster
This is another common beauty advice that teenagers get from older people or their own mothers. There are even some women and girls that really presume that doing this works. However, this is pure fiction, and you will just be cutting your hair for nothing. Normal hair grows half an inch every month. Excess growth may take place during the summer months or hot periods. Trimming your hair will never change this growth cycle and will make its growth much faster. As a matter of fact, trimming your hair does the opposite. You basically just get shorter hair rather than your previously longer one.