Commonly Asked Questions About Aromatherapy

July 11, 2018 Off By Tyrone Miles

A lot of people are not so welcoming about the whole idea of aromatherapy because they assume that it is a replacement of traditional medicine. Though this is an alternative approach to medicine, you must know from here on that in no way does it replace modern medicine. Aromatherapy should be seen as a tool to help improve the psychological and physical well-being of the person where certain scents are used to stimulate a wide range of responses from the person. With this alternative approach, essential oils are typically used not only to enhance the mental state of the person but also to assist the natural ability of the body to heal, balance, and regulate itself.

1. How does aromatherapy work?
Aromatherapy starts working its way into your body when you inhale various therapeutic scents so that your hypothalamus will be stimulated. Your hypothalamus is a part of your brain that regulates all function ins your body like your emotional responses and sleep. Once the scent reaches your hypothalamus, the stimulus brought about by the scent will travel to your limbic system and towards your hippocampus. Your hippocampus is important in terms of storing memories. This part of your brain helps you associate better a certain scent to a particular memory. In addition, it also aids in enabling your body to better react to the healing properties of the scent that you have inhaled.

2. Who benefits from aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy offers a whole range of benefits and is not just limited to a certain group of individuals. If you think that you easily feel out of balance or easily get stressed out, keeping these involuntary feelings at bay may be made possible with aromatherapy. People who suffer from respiratory problems can even be relieved of their symptoms thanks to certain essential oils that have soothing properties. Basically, aromatherapy can be utilized by just about anyone who wants to experience what benefits essential oils bring. Just put in mind that it does not exist to replace traditional medicine.

If you are wondering whether or not you should try aromatherapy, you can ask yourself these questions.
• Do you feel any pain from your muscles and joints?
• Do you have troubles falling asleep or getting enough sleep?
• Are you suffering from anxiety, chronic stress, or depression?
• Are you currently suffering from menopausal symptoms or PMS?
• Do you have certain issues with your skin such as cellulites or acne?

When your answer to any of the questions just mentioned is yes, then you should look into incorporating aromatherapy in your life. There really is nothing you can lose, right?

3. What are the common methods of utilizing the aromatherapy?
When you understand what benefits and properties there are in aromatherapy, you can begin being creative in using essential oils. Below are some of the most common methods of incorporating aromatherapy in your everyday life.
• Adding essential oils into a diffuser and inhaling its steam.
• Using them during hand and foot baths.
• Applying them directly onto your skin but make sure to use some carrier oils to dilute them to prevent any form of discomfort on your skin.
• Using them as compress.
• Using them as chest rub for your respiratory problems.
• Placing them on your pillows to sooth you and help you better fall asleep.